Welcome to Pet Assist
Pet Assist is a unique information service that stores your pet's profile and veterinary history in an on-line database.

With Pet Assist, you or your veterinarian are able to record comprehensive details for each pet you register. These details include:
  • Controlling body registration details
  • Species, colour, gender, date of birth, microchip number etc.
  • Pet insurance details
  • Veterinarian details
  • A photo of your pet
  • A history of medical treatments your pet may have received
  • A history of any medical conditions your pet may have
  • A history of medications administered to your pet
  • A history of vaccinations your pet has received
A major benefit of Pet Assist is that when at home, travelling around Australia or the world, your pet's full medical history is available to you on-line 24/7. Should your pet require an emergency trip to the veterinarian, the attending vet may not know the medical history of your pet. In that situation it is nice to know your pet's medicial history may be quickly and easily accessed at any time via the internet, which may provide valuable assistance when a diagnosis is to be made.
Pet Owners
If you have found a pet and know the microchip number please visit the Pet Address
website to search all microchip registries in Australia.
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